How to install Commander Wars on Windows?

  • Download the
  • Extract the zip to a folder of your choice
  • Launch the exe

Note: Commander Wars Beta requires Windows 10 and a 64-Bit-System

I don't want to unlock everything via the shop what can i do?

Since beta 20 click the version info on the main menu fast for 10 times.

Simply start a game (you need to play a map) press F1 to open the console and enter game:userdata.unlockAllShopItems(true). This will unlock everything. Since Beta Release 19 you need to call setDeveloperMode(true) before and setDeveloperMode(false) after entering the unlock command

Which OS are supported?

Currently Commander Wars supports windows. However you can compile the game for UNIX or IOS yourself. Since Beta Release 20 Android is supported as well.

Where do I get fanmade custom stuff?

Most fanmade mods and maps can be found on the discord server Discord

How do I install custom maps?

Simply download it and place it in the maps folder.

How do I upgrade to a new version?

  • Delete the resource-folder, the vanilla mods and the vanilla maps and copy over the new release
  • Start the new version and use the import button and select the older release
  • Copy the user.dat and ini-file and the mods/maps you want

Note: These rather complicated steps will be improved in the future

How do I install Commander Wars on Android?

Make sure you have an android with at least version 6.0 and with armeabi-7 or higher (most likely having the first grants you the later)

  • Download the apk
  • Copy the apk to your phone
  • Go to own folder select install apk and install Commander Wars on Android

How can I see the resources used in the game?

In the game press F1 enter extractResources() and wait till the game extract all files into the folder extracted Resources.