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Welcome to Commander Wars Wiki

The project is separated in three parts.

  • The core engine written in C++ using oxygine as a render and input engine and qt as an interpreter, language support etc. framework
  • The resources folder containing the javascript default data and images and sounds or music
  • The mods folder containing mods for the core engine

Consult the Github page for bug reports, feedback and feature requests.

The releases page of the game can be found here .

This is the F.A.Q.

Join the Discord Server to discuss the game, and get more scripting help.

Showcasing of the game

This is a demonstration of the game capabilities, the CO powers of the Xanari Crew mod, by XnKradst

A custom CO card generator

This simple tool was created to help you generate your CO

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Content Categories

Modding tutorials contain scripting reference for custom COs and Units.

Technical guides contain guides intended for developers, they are technical in nature.

Gameplay articles are intended to help players understand the game.

Mod list List of Mod created by people from Discord COW community

Map list List of Map created by COW Discord community