Knightlord's Origin Story #2 created by Knightlord07

Tech Demo here

Full release here

Mod require

  • KL07 OCs
  • KL07 Origin Mix
  • Nasuverse (Patch required!)
  • Knightlord07


Part 2 of the Origin Story (Brotherhood Strike Back!)

The world of Sigma Land after event on Delta land Camu once again rise back from his personal grave & begin to form the Brotherhood of Devil Matter.

With some new factions such as Amber Corona & Pink Frontier has join the fray & begin to owning their personal land.

Pink Frontier location is pretty much behind Orange Star's backyard door, while Amber Corona is smack in the middle between Yellow Comet & Green Earth.

Camu found this perfect time to launch full scale invasion into Sigma Land.

Camu did recruit some of newly commanding officers to do his dirty work & also hired some cos from other nations as well.

Camu: Finally I will have my true revenge! you allied nations did to me back in Delta Land!

Camu: The time has come! we will bring Sigma Land into ruin and by conquering the land to ourselves!

Camu: So who with me to conquering Sigma Land WITH ME!

Brotherhood Soldiers: WE WITH YOU CAMU!



Camu: The Messiah live ON!


Camu: All soldiers begin to invade Sigma Land NOW!

After the speech that Camu did the Brotherhood begin launching it invasion into Sigma Land & conquering most of Sigma Nations lands aways

Can those 6 nations repel against the Brotherhood aggressives attacks?

Release 18th May Tech Demo

Release 7th of June Full release

Gametype Vanilla base game

Probably longer than vanilla AW2 Missions


Langrisser (Campaign select)

Melty Blood (Victory & defeat)

Metal Gear (Scenario section)

Tsukihime (Script)

Operation C (End)

Orange Star levels

Add in later date!

Blue Moon levels

Add in later date!

Yellow Comet levels

Add in later date!

Green Earth levels

Add in later date!

Amber Corona levels

Add in later date!

Pink Frontier levels

Add in later date!

Final & Bonus levels

Add in later date!


  • During your first Orange Star Mission there is a secret dialog if you manage to capture an neutral city on the island
  • Most of secret dialogues have got some humor/memes or references
  • In Orange Star Mission 3 there is an neutral oil rig & contain an secret dialogue
  • In Orange Star Mission 6 there is a ruin that can be interact with
  • In Orange Star secret level there is an tower on the far left of the map
  • Orange Star secret level based on Langrisser 1 first scenario
  • In Orange Star final mission (factory mission) there is an power plant can be capture
  • In Blue Moon first mission there is a mine stuck in the middle of the map surrounded with the lake
  • In Blue Moon third mission there is a power plant that is also surround with the lake
  • In Blue Moon secret level during the opponent turn Satsuki is the only character keep forgetting stuff (which is the map from Mission 7)
  • In Blue Moon final mission there is an interaction with P1 & P2 who ever claim that town get a special bonus
  • In Yellow Comet first mission there is an unwanted city to claim & get a nice bonus with it
  • In Yellow Comet second mission there is an unwanted city to claim & get a nice bonus with it
  • In Yellow Comet first secret level Taiga say something very fourth wall breaking during that level
  • In Yellow Comet fourth mission it's an stealth level so it's an Metal Gear reference
  • In Yellow Comet fifth mission if you decide to capture opposite side (Which is the com towers on P1 & P2 side) you lose funds but also get a sweet power charge for exchange
  • In Yellow Comet second secret level there is fews of secrets to discover
    1. P1 HQ is an hotel
    2. There is an Temp airport also there an interaction
    3. There is an city next to the player starting location
    4. There is an city on the far right side
    5. Another city renamed as Getsu Fuma Store and also spawn a enemy unit if you do that
    6. A small island near enemy starting location that has an interaction with
    7. The mine turn into an gacha mine
    8. On the opposite side of the Gacha mine there is an corporation offices for an interaction
    9. Southwest from the offices there is unwanted oil rig to claim
    10. On the middle of the map is an ruin that is block by Meteors plasma
    11. The Prison is an reference to Knightlord's 200 milestone mini campaign
    12. During the opponent turn Knightlord getting the worse treatment from one of his non ocs
    13. If player 1 got defeated Linne just show up & put her fake ad on the dialogue (not the image or anythings)
  • In Yellow Comet final mission there is 2 power plants at top corners that P1 & P2 claim, but there is no interaction with if both P1 & P2 steal each others power plants
  • In Green Earth first secret level the name is just a Brazil meme & if you check the victory info it's a meme reference
  • In Green Earth sixth mission there is 3 options
    1. If you choose Emma & head toward that mine to the west from your starting area you lose funds
    2. If you choose not Emma you get funds & free tcopter near the mine
    3. If you choose Rosetta you get 2 freebie unique units at your starting area
  • In Green Earth second secret level Knightlord use the Charisma check this is a Fallout reference
  • In Green Earth mission 8 there is a mine contain Fate/Stay Night meme
  • In Amber first mission there is a ruin near P2 location, also it's seem Satsuki having not a single clue where she is (Including Ciel Senpai)
  • In Amber first secret level the map have 4 secrets & it's based on a real life bad luck in China & Japan
  • In Amber fifth mission it's the same as Yellow Comet mission 4
  • In Amber second secret level if either p1 or p2 capture the power plant, you be greeted by Fate memes
  • In Amber ninth mission there is a city north from the player location & it's a Castlevania reference
  • In Pink Frontier second mission there is a tairport to claim & it's a Helldiver 2 reference
  • In Pink Frontier third mission it's the same as Amber & Yellow missions but the mission name is reference to Metal Gear Solid 3
  • In Pink Frontier second secret level if you wait until turn 10 on opponent turn there is 2 Doom cheat code & also there is a com tower have a Guilty Gear reference
  • In Pink Frontier third secret level there is 2 reference to find
    1. There is a crack wall to break & it's a Castlevania reference
    2. There is a unwanted city to claim & it's a R6S meme, also the name is Lord T reference to one of meme defender in R6S
  • In Pink Frontier factory mission there is a com that p2 can claim it & get a free missile sub also Ryougi ask Knightlord if he ever use her in F/GO or MBAACC before
  • In Bonus Mission 1 there is a Yugioh reference if player reach Akatsuki's HQ he use of the trap card
  • Amber, Yellow & Pink stealth mission have person name is Deepthroat reference to Metal Gear series
    1. Also if your unit got destroy there is a iconic line from Metal Gear Solid
  • If you finish the main campaign & see the credits there is a weird sponsorship of one of Akatsuki's arcades.
  • If you manage to finish the bonus level 4 you will see a fake credits with some interesting dialogues