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Origin Story 3 End Of Legends!

With the death of Camu the leader of Brotherhood of Devil Matter, most of Brotherhood personal fled out of Sigma land

& head to Lambda Land they only know that faction who was the Brotherhood's de facto faction with it's most of it tech already develop & discover new tech as year progress go on.

Camu already sent this message before his death, the message read as follow.

"As you already know that the Allied Nations already defeat me twice now, even that they add in 2 nations join the Allied Nations as well, but my death is near to my end, so I will sent you some of my personal officers under your command, Eric if you failure my plans it's over for us."

As Eric read that message before Camu death, he know what to do now.

Eric already gather most of his own officers & Camu's officers as well, he given out his speech out to Brotherhood & Demonic hand soldiers.

Eric: Our time is nearly at our end, we will filful what Camu & the Brotherhood want for!

Eric: So join me brothers & sisters of Brotherhood & Demonic hand as we work together bring Lambda Land into it own ruin & wasteland itself!

After that speech that Eric give out, most of Brotherhood & Demonic hand begin to head out into Lambda Land & bring ruin to Lambda Land.

Eric: I will do what you want me to do Camu!

Tech Demo release in 9th of July 2024

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Add in the later date!